Anglicans in 19th Century Sebringville, Ontario

Trinity Church, at Sebringville, was organized by Rev. E. Patterson, Anglican minister at Stratford, in 1875.   Its principal promoters were Messrs. Pearson, Coulton, Hamilton, Moore. and Ruston, who opened a mission in 1872. At its organization as a congregation there was a membership of 30 which, in 1902 had increased to 70.   In 1887 a comfortable building was erected at a cost of $1,400, where Rev. D. Deacon, now pastor, holds service.   There is a good Sabbath school in connection with the church, under Mrs. Mason as superintendent, having an average attendance of between 30 and 40 pupils.

William Johnston, December 31, 1902.
Ephraim Patterson
Rev. Canon
Ephraim Patterson

Link:   William Johnston's 1902 account of Sebringville, Perth County, Ontario

Update:   Trinity Anglican, Sebringville also served as place of worship for St Paul's Lutheran Church (1909-1953).

In the 1960's Trinity shared a Rector with Trinity, Mitchell.   In 1983 Trinity became part of a three point parish when St. Stephen's, Stratford (est. 1952) was added.

Trinity Anglican Church, Sebringville closed in 1997.