Anglicans in 19th Century Milverton, Ontario

The latest church organization in Milverton is the Anglican, which was formed in 1893, under the pastorate of Rev. Mr. Bridgman, with an attendance of 18 families.   This congregation is in charge of Rev. Mr. Howard at present.   A number of members in connection with this mission have removed from the village, preventing as great progress being made as would have been the case under more favourable circumstances.   There is no Sabbath school.

William Johnston, December 31, 1902.

Link:   William Johnston's 1902 account of Milverton, Perth County, Ontario

Update:   Christ Church, Milverton began as a mission of Grace Church, Millbank.   In 1909, it became part of a 3-point parish with Grace Church, Millbank and Trinity Church, Elma.   In 1965, the Elma church closed.   In 1969, St Albans and St David's in Atwood joined with Christ Church, Milverton and Grace Church, Millbank to form another 3-point parish.