Anglicans in 19th Century Kirkton, Ontario

At Prospect Hill, the Anglican Church established a mission at a very early date.   This body had also erected a log cabin in the 6th con., near Woodham.   In 1860, however, this old log building was no longer used for public worship, and a new church was erected at Kirkton, on the boundary between Usborne and Blanshard.   In 1900 this building was removed, and a brick edifice erected, which, over and above its utility, is very ornamental.

William Johnston, December 31, 1902.

St Paul's Anglican, Kirkton
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Kirkton, Ontario

In his 1899 book 'Pioneers of Blanshard', William Johnston wrote of an incident at a service at the log cabin near Woodham.

At a very early day an Orange Hall had been erected on the corner of Mr. David Brethour's farm, on the base-line, and in which religious services were held.   If the accommodation was poor it was the best that could be obtained.   Planks laid across blocks of wood were used for seats, not only for the congregation, but for the minister as well.   On this particular night the little place was crowded; and when William Flesher Sanderson entered, he was shown to a seat on the platform where a plank had been placed for the minister, and on the centre of which the good man was sitting, preparatory to beginning the service.   On the farther end of the plank he had placed his hat, a fairly good plug.   Mr. Sanderson reverently took his seat on the other end.   On the minister rising to begin the service, down went Mr. Sanderson's end and up went the other, hoisting the plug hat up to the ceiling with great force, and finally landing it back among the congregation.   Our friend still stuck to the seat, when the farther end, on which had stood the hat, swung round over the heads of part of the worshippers, who in looking up saw, not the spirit descending on them like a dove, but the swaying end of a two-inch plank.   At length order was restored, he was relieved from his position, and the service proceeded.

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