Anglicans in 19th Century Dublin Ontario

St Mary's Church, Dublin, OntarioThe English Church at Dublin was organized in 1866 by Rev. Mr. Caulfield.   During the autumn of that year, and in the spring of 1867, a church was erected at a cost of $1,100.   The first promoters in this congregation were James Green and Robert Donkin.   A few members only attended this congregation at its inception, now increased to 50.   A Sabbath school has been conducted here since the church was opened in July, 1867, first under Thomas Green, and now has an attendance of 30 pupils.

William Johnston, December 31, 1902.

Link:   William Johnston's 1902 account of Dublin, Perth County, Ontario

Note:   Robert Donkin was probably the first settler in Hibbert Township and in 1850 was the first reeve.   In 1851, he purchased lot 15 of concession 1 of Hibbert Township from Avery John Stinton, for the sum of £150.   In 1868, he donated part of the plot to the Anglican Church, for the church site.

Update:   St Mary's Church, Dublin was first served by rectors of Mitchell then it became part of a three-point charge with Staffa and Hensall. In September 1939 it became attached with St Thomas Church in Seaforth. It closed in 1971; the building was removed and finally in 1979 the property was sold. Much of the silverware and altar were deposited to the care of St Thomas Church, Seaforth.