Anglican Deanery of Perth

September 1, 2013, the Deaneries of Perth and Huron merged to form the Deanery of Huron / Perth.   At the time of the merger, Perth Deanery was made up of 10 congregations formed into 6 parishes.   It is one of the 13 deaneries of the Anglican Diocese of Huron in southwestern Ontario.   The area the deanery covers is mostly rural with Stratford (2006 pop. 30,461) being the largest city.

St James' Anglican, Stratford, Ontario

St James Anglican, Stratford, Ontario41 Mornington Street, Stratford

The Parish was founded in 1840 with Rev. Thomas Hickey the first rector.   The present building was dedicated by Benjamin Cronyn, Bishop of Huron in 1870.   It is the third church to be built on this site.   The rector is the Ven. Dr. Lorne Mitchell, Archdeacon of Huron/Perth, the Rev. Lynn Mitchell is Associate Priest.

The bright blue carpet in the chancel was made for the coronation of Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey and sold afterwards to a number of parishes.

In 1906 the church received the Battershall bequest of $500 towards the purchase of a chime of bells. The tower was built and the chime of bells installed during 1909. There are 11 bells, the largest weighs 955 kgs (2100 lbs) and is called Big Joe.

St. Paul's Church, Stratford, Ontario

St Paul's Church, Stratford, Ontario9 Douro St., Stratford, Ontario

The congregation was founded in 1877 and originally known as the Home Memorial Church. The present building was constructed in 1905.

The rector is the Rev Tanya Phibbs who, in 2007, was appointed regional dean. Effective March 30, 2008, Rev Phibbs also became the Diocese of Huron's Ecumenical Officer

St. Stephen's, Stratford, Ontario

St Stephen's, Stratford, Ontario133 Home St., Stratford, Ontario

St Stephen's started out as a Sunday School in the growing south side of the city. The cement block structure was built in 1952 and dedicated by Bishop George Luxton on December 11, 1952.

Over its history it has shared ministry with St. Pauls Church, Stratford and Trinity Churches in Sebringville and Mitchell. St. Stephen's is now a single point parish under rector, the Rev. Joan Stiles.

St James Anglican, St Marys, Ontario

St James Anglican, St Marys, Ontario65 Church Street South, St Marys

St Marys first rector was Archibald Lampman appointed in 1851, six years before the Diocese of Huron was formed. Lampman had been already been serving the district as a student missionary.

Lampman left in 1858 to become rector of Trinity Church, Morpeth near Chatham. It was there his son, also Archibald Lampman, was born. The son is widely regarded as Canada's finest 19th-century English-language poet.

Since 1996 St James, St Marys has been a 2-point parish with St Paul's, Kirkton. Website: St James' Anglican, St Marys, Ontario

Deconsecrated 2012

St Paul's, Kirkton, Ontario

St. Paul's, Kirkton, Ontario

Highway 23, Kirkton, Ontario

The first Anglican church in Kirkton was built in 1862 with the current building being constructed in 1900.

In 1995, St Thomas Anglican Church, Granton closed with most of the congregation relocating to St Paul's. The following year St Paul's, Kirkton joined with St James, St Marys to form a 2-point parish.

Parish of the Resurrection

The six-point Parish of the Resurrection consists of
-   Christ Church, 295 Main Street West, Listowel
-   St. Alban's and St. David's, Atwood
-   St. George's, Harriston
-   St. Paul's, James Street, Palmerston
-   St. Stephen's, Gorrie
-   Trinity Church, Louisa Street, Fordwich.

Christ Church, Listowel was founded in 1862.   The first building was destroyed by fire replaced by the current building constructed in 1897.

The last Associate Priests were the Rev'ds Brad & Nancy Beale.   The Rev'd Brad Beale resigned the parish to accept an appointment in the Diocese of Ontario as Incumbent of St. Thomas, Belleville beginning September 1, 2008.   Rev. Nancy Beal, accepted an appointment in the Diocese of Ontario, effective October 1, 2008 as Incumbent of St. John's, Stirling.

Christ Church, Listowel, Ontario
Christ Church, Listowel

St Alban's and St David's, Atwood, Ontario
St. Alban's and St. David's, Atwood

St George's, Harriston, Ontario
St. George's, Harriston

St Paul's, Palmerston, Ontario
St. Paul's, Palmerston

St Stephen's, Gorrie, Ontario
St. Stephen's, Gorrie

Trinity Church, Fordwich, Ontario
Trinity Church, Fordwich

Deconsecrated 2008

St. Patrick's, Saintsbury, Ontario

St Patrick's, Saintsbury, OntarioMount Carmel Drive, Saintsbury

St. Patricks Church, Saintsbury is located on half an acre of land donated by John and Margaret Smyth in 1860. Mr. Smyth is buried on the property and a plaque to his memory is displayed in the church.

The original log church built, in 1861, was replaced by the present building in 1893. In 1909 a Parish Hall was built and named the Racey Memorial Hall in recognition of Rev. C. L. Racey. The construction was under the direction of Edgar B. Smyth the grandson of the original land donor.

Before its deconsecration, oversight for St. Patrick's was provided by Rev. Brad Dunbar, rector of Trivitt Memorial, Exeter and St. John-by-the-Lake, Grand Bend.

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